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Wine Tours in Piedmont

Experience one of the world's most important wine producing regions!

Your wine tasting can become an incredible, engaging, and unforgettable adventure! Let us take you on a wine journey of exploring one of the world's most important wine producing regions! Imagine tasting your first wine in a vineyard, listening to birds twittering and discovering the secrets of the local terroir. We taste our second wine in the woods on our way to the cellar, inhaling the smell of wet leaves and soil. In the cellar, we taste our third wine, surrounded by the oak barrels, unravelling the mystery of local winemaking traditions. We finish our tour in the tasting room, sipping our last two wines, playing an exciting wine game, and trying traditional local snacks. A must-have experience for all the wine lovers visiting Piedmont!

Wine Tastings in Turin

Experience one of the world's most important wine producing regions!

Piedmont is one of the most well-known wine-producing regions in the world. Wines make up a significant part of this region's heritage, meaning that if you are in Turin, you should definitely explore them. Cultura Liquida Wine School makes it easy, as we are located right in the heart of the city, so you can just stop by after a long day of sightseeing and participate in our wine tasting, where a professional sommelier will guide you through the secrets of Piedmont's terroir in a fully immersive, fun, and engaging sensory experience! You will explore four traditional Piedmont wines and discover their specific features, winemaking techniques, and how to serve and pair them. Some fun surprises and lots of wine-buying and tasting tips await you!

Our wine tastings and wine tours are designed and held by Julia Cru, DipWSET. Julia is an excellent entertainer, capable of passing her wine knowledge in a fun and engaging way. She spent past ten years conducting numerous tastings and webinars on wine, online and in person.

Our Tasting Room

Prepare yourself to discover fantastic Piedmont wines in the heart of Turin. Sit back and relax in a beautifully-designed tasting room, while sipping four carefully selected traditional local wines.

Our Tasting Room


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We are within walking distance from Porta Nuova railway station, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Piazza Bodoni, Po river embankment, Via Roma shopping street and other historical places.